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thinking of bying a 94 les paul floretine/bantam. can anyone help out with this one?


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HI all, Ive put one of my 335's up to the chop and ive been offered what ive been told is a 1994 les paul bantam. Ive never even heard of these models before. It looks perfect for me and nice balance between 335 and les paul but the serial and stuff I'm having trouble with as all the others ive seen don't start with a CS prefix and if they do there more numbers. ive attached images for you to have a look out. Been burned once before on a custom shop so understandably wary :/


my 335 is a figured Memphis block type from 2015 and I value it about 2k uk. is this a good trade pricewise?



thanks for helping out!







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I'm thinking it's a 2000 model year. I had a Custom Shop custom ordered LP with similar CS then 4 digit S/N.




It was confirmed by Gibson to be from 2000. Looks beautiful, good luck.

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