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Didn't know where else to put this, so here it is.


Have you ever made a pick gaurd, or even thought about it? Well I've made more than I care to remember, and it's always been a pain in the,,, you know.


You have lots of precise measuring and drawing out to do, then you have to cut out the profile and pickup holes, but that's not the worst.


The last thing you have to do, especially with layered gaurds, is to bevel the edges. ARGGGGH!


Filing takes forever, and routing usually ends with a melted edge, so I've always tried to come up with a better way, and here it is.




A simple carbide blade knife sharpener, with one blade removed.




Just take the screws out and remove one blade. That's it. It works GREAT!


I made a ten inch long bevel in about 30 seconds. Took about ten pulls with the tool.




The rough top edge of the laminate is actually the protective film. It tends to curl back from the edge when you shape it.


Well, there ya have it. =P~

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Instead of filing it' date=' Why don't you get a buffing wheel with buffing chalk. If you got a 6"grinder you got it made. Been worken with plastic and stone for some years. That wheel will save time and take all file scaring away.[/quote']


I'll have to try that. I've been smoothing the edges with wet sand paper. Usually 1500 grit.


Yea, filing leaves mucho marks.


This little gadget works so fast though, I can't see a buffing wheel taking off the excess stock like this does. It would be a big help with smoothing and rounding though.


Thanks for the tip. =P~

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Geeez' date=' "there be monsters here" the waters are deep with people who's love of money is greater then their integrity. Perhaps here more then most places.



I've always been a small time inventor. It runs in my family. My grandfather holds about 30 patents for mining and dredging equipment.


I see nothing wrong with making money from an idea. If you do, I don't understand why.


I could see catching flack if this were an idea that might save lives, or stem world hunger, but this is a completely different category of thing.

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