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Blues Time in St. Louis

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News flash for all the St. Louis area members:


I got a call last weekend asking me to play with the "Gene Dobbs Bradford Blues Experience", Saturday, July 23. This is a free outdoor amphitheater concert in the Kirkwood (Missouri) city park.


I've played this venue many times with various bands, and the facilities for both audience and performer are top notch. There is free parking, stadium seating, real permanent (clean) restroom buildings, and most likely a food truck or two. You can also roll in a cooler full of your favorite "adult" beverages, or any other food and drink. There is nice grassy areas at the top of the bowl for lawn chairs and/or blankets, for those who might want to be a little more rambunctious during the show. This is a family friendly event, so bring the kids and grandparents, and the price is right - FREE




Gene Dobbs Bradford Blues Experience

Saturday, July 23rd, 7:00 p.m.

Kirkwood Park Amphitheater

Kirkwood, Missouri.



These "Gene Gigs" are always fun for me as I get to step out of the orchestra pit, dial up some overdrive, and wail on some blues and blues rock.


Let's see, now I have to decide what guitar to play..... Hmmm, 345, LP, Strat. Maybe I'll take then all!

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Have fun man. I am vacationing starting tomorrow for a long weekend to a Midwestern state that starts with M. Unfortunately that state is Michigan and not Missouri.


I love outdoor concerts. Best of luck!

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Shameless self-promotional bump!!!!


Come on out to Kirkwood Park tonight. It's going to be a BEAUTIFUL evening.


As for guitar choice, the other guitarist is playing a PRS hollowbody, so he's got the hollow/semi-hollow/humbucker thing covered.


Looks like the prototype '54 RI Strat for me tonight, but.... I think I can work in the old sunburst (1975) Les Paul Standard on a lot of stuff.

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