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A bit more of AER 60 in action.... barman jamming


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Tonite i did another solo gig in an interesting bar which has a courtyard with really superb acoustics. Surrounded by several storey buildings in a compact space it provided really rich reverb.


Anyway, the gig went fine, but afterwards when most of the punters left the barman who is quite a player had a go on my J-150. I loved the tone of the Gibson going through AER and was really happy to hear it form the other side. To my ear the tone is pure Gibson, dirty, rich, in your face and the AER really brings out the best of that super jumbo, which has now really become my first choice gigging guitar.


Anyway, took a couple minutes of video footage on the Iphone, it sounds really full and big, which i think is a combination of the AER, J-150, venue acoustics and his playing .... but personally loved what i was hearing. You can see the AER right next to the player, almost like a monitor, but still filling the room, we had to have it there as it rained a bit and had to stay under the umbrella.


Just such a great amp and its a marvel what it can deliver for that size, i only had the master on 4.5.





ps: Ideal at 720p



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Wow ! That sounds like its being played in a giant cathedral. All of that from that little 60 watt box. Count me in as a believer ! [thumbup]


To be fair, I did increase the reverb by a good 30% when he was playign to see how how it would sound, as i felt it might suit it, and it did ! Nevertheless this amp handles the softest touch with the greatest subtlety and can also deliver roaring projection when needed. Its just a friggin' amazing little box of wonders.

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It's nice when you can get somebody (you trust.....) to play your rig so you can stand back, walk around and hear it from THAT side.




Absolutely. Its actually a real joy to see others who have real skills put the Gibson or the live set up through its paces. Its great to sit back, listen and enjoy but also know what this gear is capable of delivering.

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in actual fact im mostly anti Elixirs as i find those strings really colour the tone to not let out the natural 'palate' of the guitar. I often said i find Elxirs make different guitars sound more alike than individual.


Having said that, yes, I do use Elixirs on teh J-150. I found the tone of those strings on the maple body to be quite good, certainly not as good as my preferred string for this guitar which is DR Sunbeams. However the Elixirs have the big, big advantage in that they can last about 5 months with heavey gigging and stay fresh sounding for that period, while with the Sunbeams with same workrate i would get a month out of them.


So in this case the tone 's 'good enough' to work with the Elixirs. In the vid those strings are about 4 months old, which I find is the sweet spot for Elixirs, where they almost sound like non coated strings.


All my other guitars have either Pyramid PB's or Sunbeams. Except the rosewood Martin has Martin 80/20's


Glad you enjoyed the clip, im very smitten with this amp as you can imagine, well worth the investment.


If I remember correctly, EA, you favor Elixirs on your gits. Is this what you have on your 150?


Sounds great, by the way....

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