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Hi folks


I hope everyone is well.

I've had some health issues recently....now feeling better it's just the world is very sick at the moment.


Finally sorted out my PC hard drive problems today; installed new Samsung Solid State HD, 250GB cost £86 (GBP) approx.


Comes with optimization and data migration pgms on CD. But you need a caddy or USB>HD connector preferably (these have only recently come out) and know-how helps so I got a tech out, £60 for 2+ hrs which so far seems to have been worth it.

However he says my PC is getting old especially the motherboard which I may have probs with in future. He says to get round that, leave it in hibernation instead of shutting down...?


So all good and now I can get on with stuff that I haven't been able to for months - all this year - because of the faulty drive and bad fixes by the previous tech I used.


Church gig tomorrow afternoon with my duo partner, who plays sax - and bass, better than I ever did. They've redone the whole inside of the church so it's acoustically much improved. We'll see...and hear.


Blues band rehearsal next week but no gig until September in Southampton.

2017 will be better I hope.


Best wishes to all! [thumbup]



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Good luck this Sunday John, and may God bless you.


Through rough times and good times, and as you weather the days of plentiful gigs and sparse periods of inactivity alike, please know that we are all brothers in arms, and you never soldier-on alone.





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Guest Farnsbarns

Leaving it in hiberation instead of shutting down is dreadful advice. I wonder what his thinking was.

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Leaving it in hibernation instead of shutting down is dreadful advice. I wonder what his thinking was.


Ah, ok. Why is it not good?

When it hibernates it turns off but the pgms stay open. I don't leave any pgms open anyway but it means it doesn't have to load everything.

I usually look at my PC once or twice a day so thought if I used it in the morning I'd put it into hibernate until my evening session.

But will shut down properly at the end of the day now - I usually do, but last night put it into hibernate for the 1st time.


My church gig went ok - quiet, easy and gentle; the church has a beautiful acoustic reverb which has been brought out with all the alterations and the organ sounds amazing. Church/pipe Organs are the original sub-bass IMO!

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Sod it....now it won't start at all...has taken me an hour to get it going.....looks like the motherboard has some error now, when you start it just turns itself on and off continuously.


I've called the PC guy yet again and booked another callout for Saturday, which will be more money; I'll have to leave it in hibernation for the moment.


This has been going on since Win 10 update last year...get it fixed and something else f***s up.....worse than the Ford Escort and that wretched Citroen I once had!


I am beginning to feel like Basil did about his 1100:


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