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OK, only a Gibson 7-piece body SG is good enough for a Gibson snob. That's not funny, these Gibson matchstick SGs do exist.


SG Player is one of the most annoying people I have come across on here. Ignore him at all costs. He is after all just a troll 'copy' of others that came before and seemingly needs weight relief holes drilled in his head [biggrin]

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Hey everyone, got a new blues song. Think I may have a hit record on my hands. Here's a sample verse.



SG player made me burn my Epiphone.


Now I got nothing to play.


But I sleep soundly at night, dreaming about accordions.




I know his avatar says he's an Advanced Member. I'm not sure about advanced, but he sure as hell is a member!

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Epiphones are great guitars for the money.


Recently purchased an Epiphone Les Paul Standard Plustop PRO as a wedding gift for a friend and she is beyond elated!


While I prefer Epiphone's semi-hollow and hollow-body guitars, I recommend them all.


Sound quality is as much or more about the players as it is about the axe.

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I'm with you on that WLOQ. Epiphones are (for the most part) perfectly good guitars.


Ok SgPlayer...


Many Epiphones come with Grovers tuners (Gibson use these too), some come with Gibson pickups. The new epiphone ProBuckers are fantastic sounding pickups, but even the older ones are good. I have an old LP100 from the 90's which sounds sweet. Playability is excellent on most models when set up correctly (true some Epis arrive without being properly set up - but it's an easy fix). Yes, QC can be a bit hit and miss, but then many people complain Gibson have this problem too. I myself have never had a problem with any of my Gibson's, but a couple of my Epi's have needed attention. A great Epiphone plays as well as a Gibson in my opinion. I recently picked up an Epiphone Les Paul Custom Pro (in limited wine red) and am blown away by how great this guitar is. I A/B'd it with my Gibson 1957 Custom Reissue and to be perfectly honest, the Epi not a million miles off the Gibson. Fair enough, the top is a vaneer on the Epi and it doesn't have a one piece neck or body, lower grade woods will have been used, BUT it sounds and plays amazingly. It's actually my favourite guitar at the moment. It has coil splits and out of phase too!



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Actually, some Epi's play better, than Gibson's. Just depends on the actual guitar, in either case.

There's no hard fast rule, either way. A good/great player can get anything they want, and need

out of an Epiphone, or any other guitar, as long as it intonates properly, and has a decent setup,

decent pickups, etc., etc., etc.


If you prefer Gibson's, fine! That's your choice. But, Epi makes some outstanding, readily affordable

alternatives, for those who either cannot afford a Gibson, or just flat don't want to pay those prices.



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If you're not an Epiphone guy, there is a Gibson section on this very forum. Strange how you are most active in the Epiphone area of the forums. We all know you're a troll. Frankly I don't give a hoot, its just...played out? I dunno. The Internet is free for all to do what they like I guess.

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