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Reverb crashes Deckadance, every time

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Ok, thanks... working on it.

no problem. Just tack it on to the bug fixes for 2.73/2.8 what ever version Stanton has decided is going to be the next release. in the mean time, I am going to post a early version of code for the numark mixtrack 3. fully functional, with a few small almost unimportant bugs (ie, Vu Meters seem backwards, and the tap button is not implemented(next version implementation with new version of deckadance)). in the meantime, I have just gotten a Stanton t60 to keep me occupied, as well as the prospect of possably becoming a official numark and m-audio script writer (interview is Tuesday with inmusic for a QA position)

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possably becoming a official numark and m-audio script writer (interview is Tuesday with inmusic for a QA position)


Hope you broke a leg at your interview @TheMoroney Tell us how you got on? Did you like it?


@Luis About @TheMoroney 's Reverb Crash bug, I'm seeing NO CRASH while using Reverb effect. Deckadance 2.72, Windows 10 Pro 64bit. Sound drivers tested: DirectSound, Windows Audio, and ASIO4ALL v2.


@TheMoroney .... What happens if you run Windows Update on the Windows 7 music operating system? You should try it one time, once, because there was probably updates and fixes to the sound subsystem of Windows 7.

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Hi Luis,

Sorry, I have been "out of business" for a while.

I should be back now.


About the Flanger crashing DD ...


I have reinstalled all audio related drivers on my Windows 7.

On the rare occasions where I could allow myself to test the Flanger and other FX while risking to crash DD ...

ALL WENT WELL! Nor the Flanger nor any other FX crashed DD. [thumbup]

This was with 2.61 and twice with 2.72.


So it seems it was indeed a driver issue, confirming your statement that there should be no problem with the Flanger.

Alas, as I refreshed all suspected drivers at once, I have no idea which one was broken.


If ever it happens again, of course I will let you know.

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I am a bit into the Flanger and Reverb issues again as I am writing a script for the Numark Mixtrack 3 Pro that I got myself.

I noticed something that could help, and could also explain why not everyone has this issue.


First note that when I say Administrator Account, I do not mean THE Administrator account, I did not try that one.

I mean the initial account that was created on initial install of Windows, the first user that you create with Administrator rights.


I generally run everything as a standard user, no administrator rights.

When I run DD as a standard user, DD crashes as soon as the Flanger effect is started.


But when I run it on my Administrator account, it appears to go well!

I have tried this multiple times, up to now there's no crash and it Flangles perfectly.


Then -just to try- I changed the standard account to an administrator account, and tried the Flanger.

Bam.... crash!


I changed the standard account back to standard, then ran DD with right click and "Run as Administrator".

Works great!


I have DD set up now to run on my standard user with compatibility settings "Always run as Administrator".

I have used it on a few occasions like that by now, I'm still good.


Hope this helps any one also suffering from the same issue,

and of course helps Luis to get to a solution.


What is a bit strange is that the crash does not occur on all of my PC's, although they are all set up in the same way: 1 Administrator, all others standard users.


Reverb also works fine, but I did not test if it crashes DD on my PC when ran without Administrator rights.

Maybe some one else can give that one a go?

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