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P90, Which Should I Go For


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Hi there

I have a Casino Elitist which I really like. Of course there is the problem with the feedback which is not always an issue for me because I do a lot of session work but..... I like the Casino so much that I would like to take that sound on the road so I have considered getting a 1990s Les Paul Special (because I know where there is one for sale and also because for live work I will need a trembar and the Duesenberger will fit fine). My worry is that the Casino Elitist apparently comes with P90s that are not the regular Gibsons but custom made to make it sound exactly like a 66 Casino. Since the LP Special is from the 90s it will probably have P100 on it and I will need to replace these so my question is: Where do I find P90s as open as the ones in the Casino.


BTW if you know of something that I should look after before getting a 1990s LP Special please chip in. I have an LP, SG and ES335 but never owned or maybe even played a LP Special but I figure it must be fairly similar to the LP Standard except for the double cutaway.


All The Best


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Try it like it comes first you might like it Henrik , iff not then research for the p90's .Searcy here on the forum can make what ever you wan , If you decide you wannt to talk to him send me a message and I'll hook you two up.Welcome to the forum glad to have you here




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You'd probably be happy with any P90 with a DCR below 8.3ko. Aftermarket P90s today are typically 8.0ko-8.2ko

Some P90s go up over 12ko.

P90s in the early 60s were in the high 7ko range but it's hard to find anything in the high 7ko range. Gibson P90s in the early 60s varied quite a bit in DCR and frequently were in the mid to high 7ko range up to 9ko. They varied all over the dial. I just bought a set of Kent Armstrong P90s that measured 8.1ko and 8.16ko that I was very impressed with.


P90s back then varied in DCR. Gibson never put out two P90s the same. The Gibby Elitist P90s were A5 magnets, 42awg wire and 7.8ko-8.3ko but they varied. That's key to P90s..........they varied in DCR. I read that Gibson tries to intentionally vary the DCR/number of windings. Another words Gibson tried to copy the old P90s so closely that they copied the flaws too.

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