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Any issues with bulk-packed strings?


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Anybody else have problems with bulk string buys? I use Brite Wires .010-.046's on everything, so I bought a bunch of bulk packs that had 5 sets in each sealed package. I'm beginning to find sets with corrosion on them. They were bought long ago enough that returning to point of sale isn't an option. I never had this problem when I bought individual sets that were sleeved in clear plastic inside the box, and this is only happening now with sets that are just in paper sleeves, and sealed into bulk packs.

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Yes....the downside of chasing discounts by bulk purchase


Also depends on storage ambient conditions


I use the very cheapest and somehow excellent sets from Strings Direct


Usually turn over before rust arrives


But occasional rusty top E's and B's....minor and still usable... [thumbup]





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