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Bbg Sunday song


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I can't afford the royalties buc charges so , here's a bit of Dylan

Strings need changing so while not worried about snapping any I messed around with turnings


Where better to go with open D than blood on the tracks



Throw tomatoes if you like.


Nice voice! Great performance. I enjoyed it a lot! Thanks for sharing!

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We are moving out of our vacation home of 18 years this morning. It's pouring rain, and the mood is sedate. Your song is the soundtrack. Well fricking done Grunt.


Ah that's sad. You'll be buying another though eh ?


I should've done 'you ain't going nowhere'

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i plugged my laptop into my good sound system and let your soundcloud tracks play while i did stuff- very nice work thanks for sharing...really liked north carolina moon

thanks man , but I never heard of North Carolina moon 😄


That was kwalker. He's awesome

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