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P35 hunter

Kay Jazz II Kleenex box anyone?

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Hi there folks,

I'm new to this forum, and joined to try and find out whether anyone knows much about the P35 'Kleenex Box' single coil pick ups that Gibson supplied to Kay guitar manufacturers for their Jazz II model.

I've got a Kay Jazz II body and neck that I fished out from a wood skip at the local dump before being spotted (invariably they tell you to 'put it back' these days, but no way was I going to let this piece of musical history be turned into wood pulp.

Sadly the guitar is minus everything that could be attached to the bare bones, so I'm after pretty much everything to get it singing again.

The Bigsby B6 is sourceable, the Grover tuners shouldn't be a problem, as is the tune o matic bridge. Other items like the unusual headstock and scratch plate might be available from the manufacturers of a reissued model that came out in 2010, I think (though they've not replied to my email yet)

The pick ups though are proving to be the trickiest items on the list.

Looking at ads for original vintage 60s Jazz II guitars for sale, it appears that this model had pick ups supplied by Gibson, known as Kleenex Box pups because of their covers that looked like miniature versions of said tissue boxes. P35 was their designated number, and 12.5 Ohms is the resistance.

That's all I know.

Is anyone familiar with these pick ups?

Does anyone have a pair sitting in the back of a drawer someplace?

Does anyone know of a suitable replacement that will fit without having to modify my body?

Does anyone have a 1960s Kay Jazz II, and what's it like?

I'm loathed to give up on the restoration and return it to the skip where it came from. I'm aware that it may well become a bit of a Frankenstein's monster to get it working again, and if I lived in Chicago parts would be easier/cheaper to source, but against all odds I'd like to at least try to resurrect this fallen lady on a ltd budget.

Look forward to all replies


Peter K

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I've never heard of Gibson supplying pickups to the Chicago manufacturers. I know there were various collaborations over the years, like Gibson supplying bodies to some, and I even suspect there are Gibson L-30s out there with Chicago pressed tops....but I have never heard of the kleenex box pickups being made by Gibson.

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