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What Model is This ?


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I can't see, Duluth, why this shouldn't be what Vegas claims it is. A 1964 Southern Jumbo.


It has replaced tuners, but the adjustable ceramic saddle in the rosewood - not plastic like the big pics above - bridge, looks original.

A dry and defined funky old beater with the exact right'n'raw bass thump. 3:25 !


And he seems to like it.

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A square top Gibson when they began copying the Martin "D" and lost everything they'd developed since the 1930's, 'til the move to Montana. Don't worry, this is only my opinion, you don't need "xtra" Charmin.



Gibson employees on their own tried to resurrect the round shoulder guitars in Nashville in the mid-1980s. A little too little a little too late I guess.

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