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Sigma Golden Era models


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They do sound rather good, the burst is first class and actually i hear a lot of Gibson in them, much more than the pricier new range of cut away with those awful pickguards that sound like Taylors. Would be good to pick up second hand one day to leave around the cottage.

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Interesting to see these modern Sigma Gibson copies, for the price they sound and look really good on that video, though as I live in the UK, I found it funny how they kept saying the price may change... the pound has somewhat tanked post Brexit, and may well continue to fall :( The price of a Gibson J45 may well go up by a few hundred pounds this year.


I still own a 1970s Japanese made Sigma DR7... a Martin D-28 clone. As the video explained, they were back then part of the Martin company producing budget versions of their guitars. In common with lot of 1970s Japanese guitars, they were of very good quality. I still use my DR7, it sounds and plays very well. After 40 years, I guess you could say it has been a keeper.

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These look really good, Sigma make some good stuff and it looks like they have a J-200 on the way as well!




I already have a great Gibson J-45 1942 banner reissue but like Gibby said as a backup or beater guitar these look well worth it.


Sigma also make several all solid models as well so maybe an all solid sigma j-45 style guitar for a few hundred more may be on the cards in the future, i wouldn't be surprised as they have done this with several other models.


At the top end of their spectrum i own the very rare limited all solid Sigma SDR-28MLE in Adirondack/Madagascan Rosewood. I've had it a couple of years now and it is a wonderful guitar.









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I watched this video last night as it happens and was very impressed by these. Would be interesting to play the J45 style against the Epiphone Masterbilt AJ45, even though the Epi has solid back and sides would be interesting to hear the differences.


The J200 copy is no holds barred copy! I wouldn't be surprised if Gibson step in there and try to stop.



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Cool guitars


Isn't the 200 copy more a copy of an epiphone than it is a Gibson copy


Well the Epiphone is a copy of the Gibson, but Sigma have used the same bridge as the Gibson. Epiphones have the solid bridge. The pickguard is more Gibson like as well.







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Geez... Those aren't one, but four models copied from Gibson. Even the model names aren't original to Sigma, but ARE exact references to Gibson's models. If you watch closely the video, you'll notice the pickguard shape of the Sigma 45, is the same as a Gibson's J-45. Seriously, a "OO" Sigma, and a "Parlour" Sigma...plus a "200" Sigma...?


I wonder what "C.F. Martin & Co." would do if Sigma was to copy a "OOO" and name it a... "OOO", now that Sigma is no longer a division of Martin.


Could it be a Gibson - Sigma deal we missed somewhere in the daily digital news???


To me, they are Gibson laminated copies. I wonder how Gibson and Epiphone feel about the Sigma's so called Golden Era!



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