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Epiphone hard cases


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What are your experiences? I'm considering a case for my LP. Main concern is to keep the cold out in winter.


Should I get the Epi case or plonk down some more money for another brand?


i've yet to come across a case that would keep the cold out...

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The thing with the Epi cases is the exterior tears and shows wear very quickly. Much more so than any Gibson case ever would. if you're not out on the road alot, it'd prob. be ok.


IME, Gator and Road Runner cases are pretty good and hold up to some abuse well.


I have a Gator for my Sherry,, it's not a perfect fit as it's a generic 335 case, had to put some padding in various spots to make the fit appropriate. maybe the LP case would fit right.


then there's SKB.. I don't like the HUGE latches that some of the newer ones come with however.

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Yes, Epi cases are covered with "hide of the noga" (plastic). How hard are you on your cases?

My bigger concern is NECK and BODY support.

I've had good luck with the fit on most Epi cases. I have exchanged a couple that I ordered online. (didn't like the fit)

Wasn't a problem.


Good luck,



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