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New 2016 SG Standard T


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Just received new 2016 SG Standard in Heritage Cherry. The setup was ok but I prefer .012 relief and it came at .07 at 7th fret with action at 4/64 H side and 2/62 Low side at 12th fret. No big deal, I set the action at 5/64 and 3/64 for my taste. Every time I play it I have to wash what looks like heavy black ink all over my fretting fingers. What in the world is that stuff cuz can't see it on the fretboard. Guess I have to take all the strings off and clean the fretboard as it is not wearing off with lots of playing. Should I use lemon oil to clean it? It's a shame that Gibson sends guitars out like that and that new owners have to restring it right away cuz the black stuff on the fingers just gets worse each time.

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