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What is a gibson custom lite?


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With regards to Les Paul guitars what exactly is meant by "Custom Lite" compared to just "Custom"?


Also, it seems like some Les Paul Customs have the star on the peghead while others do not - yet both are designated as "Custom". What name (if any) differentiates the two?

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I have a Custom Lite and love it. From the front it looks just like a Les Paul Custom with proper binding, inlays etc. But the mahogany back is thinner so the guitar is lighter than a regular LP. Great for us old guys with bad backs. It is also shaped at the top back bout for more comfortable playing. Mine came with only one tone control, and a switch to allow single coil switching. I had it modified adding the second tone pot with a push-pull so I still have the single coil option. Some will argue that because the back is thinner it won't have the same tone and sustain, but I played full size LPs for about 30 years before I got this one and I can't hear any difference.




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