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New Les Paul with ebony fretboard + abalone inlays.

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So, I've been keeping an eye out for a very nice Les Paul made before 2000 - with a preference for 90s. A lot has to do with the ability to buy a guitar with an ebony fretboard and abalone inlays (zero plastic). Buying from an individual not only is a hassle, but one must be concerned with counterfeit instruments. Then there are concerns over the possibility of a cracked neck, worn frets, not so nice fret jobs, etc. I'd prefer to buy a Gibson Les Paul brand new from a local dealer. That way I can play it and see it up close. But, I don't want a richlite fretboard or plastic inlays.


So, here's my question:


Is this something that can be special ordered? Can I special order a Les Paul Custom with an ebony fretboard, abalone block inlays, abalone star on the headstock, and AAA flame?


Or, would it be easier for me to become a famous rock star first - THEN contact Gibson with my special request?





If you find one send me a PM







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Pretty sick guitar man. I'm pretty fortunate, lucky & extremely grateful to have a good friend, gift me a 2011 Satin White, L.P. Junior with Ebony fretboard( only that color model was made with Ebony fretboard that year).

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