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It can't all be guitars so I recently took pity on one of my murdersickles.

It's a 2006 Buell Ulysses which I bought new and then put 94,500 miles on over the course of a decade.

It was finally burning so much oil that I gave in and took it apart short of 100K which was my original goal.

What a disgusting mess the engine was, inside and out! It sucked in a whole bunch of road construction grit somewhere around 72,000 miles and had been guzzling oil.

At any rate, gasket set, used muffler, new PCV valves, new lifters just for the sake of it, new reed valve just because it was apart and I had access to it, hone and rings for the front cylinder, new cylinder/pistons/rings for the rear.

I'm happy to say the old pile fired right up and now has 15 miles on the break-in period.

There's a heat wave going on right now and it's very obvious that I'm sitting on a 1200cc air cooled motor that's buried inside of a frame!

I work slowly so I'd say it took about 30 hours with about 10 of them spent cleaning the carbon deposits out of the head and intake manifold.

Hope you enjoy some of the pics of the process.



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(mostly) DONE!


Needs a good scrubbing and I need to check the timing and then put the timer inspection plate back on.

Fresh tires, wheel bearings and new brake fluid and it'll be time to see how hard it is to make it to 200,000 miles on a Buell.

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