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2013 Gibson SG Standard Bass - Mint w/case


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If I hadn't just acquired my Hofner, I would have seriously contacted you on your SG Std. A beautiful SG Std.


No worries. I've pulled it from reverb and listed it on eBay. Hopefully, I might get more interest with a bigger audience and the option to place bids.

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Hello, everyone!


I just re-listed my 2013 SG Standard bass on eBay. Here is my eBay auction:


2013 SG Standard Bass Auction


I am asking $850.00 as my starting bid. I would, of course, much prefer to sell to someone here than deal with auction fees, etc. So, if you are looking for a like-new SG Standard Bass, at an insanely low price, here's your chance! I will end my auction, and it's yours for $850.00 (plus the $20 shipping).



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Say, where are we meeting for beverages?


It's sort of a tradition.

Whenever you sell a guitar, you have to buy the first round.


Just saying......



Thanks! Took a couple months, but all it takes is the right person to see it at the right time.


... and I wasn't aware of that arrangement. But, if any of you want to come out to Cali, I'll buy a round! [biggrin]

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