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What amp do you use?


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I use an aging Fender Stage 112 for gigs. When I was in the jazz band I used a small Fishman Loudbox Artist, which is an acoustic amp. (bottom pic)








I rarely use an amp at home, because I dont need one to practice or to write with.


Occasionally though I with plug into the Fishman. As its an acoustic amp there is no gain to be had. If I want to colour the sound I will link my signal processor.





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Guest Farnsbarns

Fender FSR SuperSonic 22 Combo most of the time. Absolutely love it for anything clean to a raw bark.


Marsham JCM2000 TSL60 head and 1960a cab for anything warm and sort of... cranked Marshall-y. Just because I still have it really. Looking to sell it in preference to the Fender which will do quite a lot of gain quite well and is much better at everything else. It's smaller, sounds way better at domestic volume than any other valve amp I've had but... it's a hideous, black and orange nightmare to look at!

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It really depends on the situation... half the fun is choosing what gear to use. [biggrin]


For classic rock gigs in a decent sized room, I'll use my 18 watt Marshall w/ 4-10 cab.




For twangier gigs, I'll go with the Deluxe Reverb, or even a slightly smaller Princeton Reverb...




Sometimes even two old Princeton's...




For the smallest, beach bar kinda gigs, I will often use this little 6 watter a friend of mine made for me...




I don't play at home much, but if I do, this little JTM1 head is the sh!t...



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GTR into Digitech RP-10 floor pedal {stereo outs} Left side: Fender 150 wtt/4-12 Mustang V series amp. Right side: Fender Champion 100/2-12 cab. ,,,, 250 wtts+ 6 - 12 inch drivers combined. Works decent.


...and fun just standing in front of that wall of Marshall stacks too I'd imagine! [thumbup]

Grand Funk's?

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Mesa Boogie Lone Star Special. You can get a LOT of sounds out of this one. It can hit an authentic Marshall tone and a pretty good Fender tone besides its own tones. It takes pedals well too as long as you know which ones to put into the front and which ones through the loop.



I use this little cheapie Line 6 for practice when I don't feel like firing up the Mesa.


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Oh my pants just got tight. A coworker let me borrow his for a few weeks a while back. Like my DeVille it is one heavy mother. And the Twin is like 88 watts.

Thanks! I haven't had it long but I'm pretty thrilled with it. It's the best amp I've had by a long shot. Really shines with any guitar or pedal I have thrown at it

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