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Pick Guard Peeled off. How to glue it back on?


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The pick guard peeled of the top of my son's SJ-200. Actually, it started to lift and I just coaxed it off. Nitro-cellulose Finish underneath is pristine. All glue off and used a bit of Fender Custom Cleaner to make it totally ready for re-applying the pick guard.


So, what do you figure? Elmer's? Epoxy? Contact Cement? Absolutely not!!!


What would be the correct adhesive?

I have some super thin and transparent double sided tape that may do the trick, and it may not.

What do the pros use?


Also, there is tons of glue on the back of the pick guard. I'm trying a little mineral spirits on it right now. If that gets 99%, I'll probably finish the glue removal with iso propyl alcohol to get it totally clean before applying new glue.

If that doesn't work, what do you suggest? I don't want to hurt the paint on the top of the pick guard.


Or would the best approach would be to take it back to the dealer and have them send it to their luthier?

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