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A good weekend...


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Thursday - saw dermatologist and got all-clear for all my skin marks, moles, etc

Friday - Perseids meteor shower party in Hampshire with band members - very enjoyable, good food, saw a few meteors and got given a guitar!!

Saturday - pub gig in Salisbury, 1hr 10 min drive for me. They liked us! They danced they clapped...we played good.

Sunday - got lots of stuff done at home which helps to set me up for the week ahead.


Here's the guitar I was given - it was meant to come to me I know it.

Black 80s Squier, E series neck just like my MIJ Fender. Needs work.

The goal is to get it well up to scratch without actually spending any money except on strings.


After I got it home and removed the dead spiders and rusted strings (actually rusted to the machine heads!):




A previous owner has Jackson Pollocked the scratchplate and pickup....I removed the rusty scratchplate screws too...



Artwork on both sides of scratchplate!!!!....note routed for a single hb. Didn't never have a tone control either.




Cracks to finish are in long parallel lines...weird....




I've got a couple of spare Kent Armstrong hb pups to choose from, used push-pull pots, extra trem springs and an arm which may fit; a new scratchplate won't be too much bother.


It needs a good clean up but should be good when done.....I'm very pleased.


Best wishes to all! [thumbup]

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Ohh nice one man.. Will be cool to muck around with that.. Who just gives you a guitar? Were they carrying it around just in case there was someone who was worthy of it? :) (which you certainly are)... If you need anything for your strat let me know, I have all sorts of spare bits and bobs.....


Good to hear you are all healthy...


And yes on the DIY thread.. I will still organise that jam at some point (well when the next lot are finished).. Will let you know for sure [thumbup]

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Grats on the skin marks prognosis Bro.

I'm thinking that be the highlight of the weekend for sure. Good to hear.


Nice score on the squire. It will be fun bringing that back. Those squires really are decent. Guessing you will be real happy with it when you're done. They play real nice. I still think those are the best bang for the buck.

My cheap pawn shop one played great with only few minor tweaks.

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Who just gives you a guitar?

Our frontman and bandleader who I've known for 44 yrs. He has done some ebay guitar dealing in the past with another guy and this was hanging in his garden shed on Friday night, along with a Satellite Strat copy.

I said hey that's an E series neck and he said I could have it.


It's similar to a Tom DeLonge Strat (is he in Blink?) except those have a large headstock....and I associate E series necks with 1980s.

Will probably keep it single pup.


Grats on the skin marks prognosis Bro.

I'm thinking that be the highlight of the weekend for sure. Good to hear.


Cool on the guitar and even cooler on learning that the dark spots on your skin ain't something to worry about!


Yes the health stuff, you are right...I am lucky (so far) with that - also was cleared for prostate and bowel cancer last year.

At 62 I don't feel old mentally - who does? - but after all that activity (I worked hard on Sunday) I've had really bad leg cramps today and felt tired.

I still swam 64 lengths though. Humble brag!! B) [thumbup]

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Decent article on the "e Series" or Contemporary Series Squier Strats here. Also discusses the earlier JV series. I have the white Strat pictured in the article and it's been a real workhouse. Their weak point was the electronics - an easy upgrade.

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