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BBg song


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That's really good, man.


At the very beginning I thought of Arlo for some reason.


Is this original?



Cheers murph


Not original I'm afraid , as in , I wish it was. I love the lyrics in this song


By a guy called blaze foley (cool name huh)

John prine did it also


Glad ya like it .

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I always liked this song--this here's quite a brisk take on it, which'll take some getting used to.

But as usual, great material fares well in your able hands. Thanks for bringing this one out for a spin.

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Well I live "where the people say y'all" and I think this works pretty well, BB, but I can't help imagining an irishman saying such words in conversation at a Texas picnic.......I reckon you'd attract a crowd just to listen to you talk! Good job!

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Doesn't anyone ever read a whole thread ?! 😂


It was written by blaze foley

Thanks sal

Glad you liked it


I believe Blaze Foley was the inspiration for Lucinda Williams's "Drunken Angel," from Car Wheels on a Gravel Road.






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