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A Song For Tuesday----from the studio.


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Briefly----played on the Hummingbird. Pretty much a true story (with some "writer's license" to fit it all into a song) about someone I knew when I was a kid in the 50's and when he was an old guy who played guitar in the 60's. The instrumental is "Wayfarin' Stranger." The favorite song of his wife's was "You are my sunshine," but I couldn't record it on a CD because of copyright laws, so used a public domain song instead...... This is the very first mix from the studio. Did it all in two takes. Haven't yet done any editing, etc. of any tracks, aside from getting some early volume levels. Not sure if I'll keep it or drop it from the CD..... Anyway, here's how I knew Ben Richards.



Mr. Richards by Larry Garrett


Mr. Richards was a neighbor who lived down the street.

Just an old man fightin' old age and he was gettin' beat.

Late at night in the summer time he'd go out in his backyard,

Sit in a lawn chair, sing and play his guitar.


Some folks used to laugh....guess they thought it was funny,

But my mama said "He's lonely and he misses his honey,"

So at night I'd lay in bed and listen through the window screen

As his voice and guitar drifted on the summer breeze.



And he'd sing Oh Susanna, My Darlin' Clementine, Blue Bayou, You're Cheatin' Heart, and I Walk the Line.

And as the Midnight Hour descended upon him, he sang an old gospel hymn.


Well, one night I got home late and he was still out there,

So I walked down to his yard and I pulled-up a chair.

He said "I know folks are talkin' cause I come out here at night,

But since my Emma died that house just don't feel right."


He said "Hearin' these songs put a smile on Emma's face

And I swear I'll sing again to her in a better place.

But for now these songs bring great pain to me,

Ahhh, but pains a cheap price to pay for my memories."


Chorus......and instrumental


Got a call from mom yesterday, her and dad are fine.

They bought a big screen TV, I said "It's about time."

She said "Tom's wife had the baby. Tom's grinnin' with pride.

Then quietly she said "Son, Mr. Richards died."



So tonight I'm recalling that night from years ago

When he told me how he loved her and how it hurt to let her go.

Well, I know that he's gone, but there's a smile upon my face,

Because I know he's singing to her now in that better place.



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Once again, my friends, thank you for all the comments. I'm always open to suggestions and advice, so never think I'd be offended, etc. Lars, no not related to the Mr. Richards in the REM song. Never heard that song before and I can't understand what they're saying and not interested enough in it to listen a second time...lol... Nothing personal. I'm sure it's a generation thing..........My wife thinks I should keep the song on the CD. There's a good chance I will. The problem is I'm now up to 14 songs and just finished a new one I'd like to add, so who-the-hell knows?...lol...I sure don't. My studio guy is in Colorado at the moment. Hope to get with him at least a couple more times before he heads to the Winfield, Ks. festival in September. I'm not in a major rush to finish. No particular time limit on this project. I figure I'll be finished late September to mid-October.

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