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Do you have a pick holder on your guitar?


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Pick holders are for those who can't hold onto their picks and can't get thru a song with just their fingers on the rare occasion that they do drop their pick.


I'd almost go so far to say that they are for sissies!


Well I'm a 300 LB sissy then. I have a pick holder on my mic stand. I sweat like a pig when I drink and It's hot on stage. My fingers Get slick from sweat and I'll lose a pick every now and again. Don't have to search a pocket or what ever. I put them in 3-3's. I use 3 different gauges of picks for my different guitars. So 3 groups of 3 picks. Helps a lot.

As far as having a pick holder. I tried those wrist sweat bands to try and help. It just made it worse. I guess being ahead of the game an being more professional When you play, I'd rather be a sissy When I lose a pick, then look like a chump.

Check out your favorite band sometime and see if they don't have one there.



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when I am on stage while it does not happen to often I do drop picks. Its way easier to grab a pick off the stand and continue than reach in my pocket. I do usually have a few laying on the amp but that's usually a few feet away and it would mean a disruption of my great guitar playing (cough' date=' cough)[/quote']


Brother Same here. I'm kinda funny that way. I check my own mic, And I stick, for the sound checks, And those picks better be growing out of the mic stand about 4 1/2' feet off the floor. Know what I mean?

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