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Does Florida Have Top-of-the-Line Luthier?


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This may be in the wrong section of the forum however; I feel ES/Archtop players have a special breed of instruments that need more than most 'chain' stores can offer.


I got my 2013 ES-335 Dot Figured brand new in Sept. 2013 ... literally, hot off the press. The last hands to touch her before I got her, were Gibson factory hands.

Understand; I've been playing Gibson electrics since 1968 and for most of those years, I kept them setup and running fine on my own. But Now ...


This 2013 ES-335 came to me, out of the box, absolutely better than perfect in every way, shape and form. Problem is, a million string changes and a few truss rod adjustments have made me lose what I had.

I'd love to ship it to Gibson but the 2-way shipping and $175 tuneup fee is not possible for my budget.

So, I come to you - you FLORIDA Gibsonites - to help me track someone down who'll do a perfect job.


I primarily seek someone in the Tampa or Clearwater areas. I know of only 2 guys who operate at the highest level ... Guitar Factory in Orlando and Ross Teigan in Gainesville. Both of these magicians are over a hundred miles (one way) away from me, making it a bit difficult to get to them.


I've scoured the internet and phone books and called music studios and educational institutes ... the 2 venues I mention is where I am being pointed to. I will go to one of them but I'm hoping someone has had great experience locally.

Does anybody here in Florida know a top-of-the-line luthier ... anyone?



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I do not have any suggestions for the Tampa area, but if driving is not an issue I have had success with a luthier/repair person in Delray Beach who is listed under the business name of Guitar Hospital. He has worked on my L5's and my new Tal with pleasing results.

His number is: 561-706-6011.

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