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epi swingster vs. epi SG


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Since I got my used 08 SG my 2014 swingster has not been getting much use, but today I plugged it in. It's hard to compare the 2, 2 very different guitars. Both are strung with EP 9's.


Neck: Between the 2 I prefer the neck of the swiggster. But I like the extended neck scale of the SG.


varation of available tone: swingster hands down. Between the single coil / humbucker the swingster has a huge range of sound and tone, really bright bridge, big rich neck.


BUT... the SG has that classic SG sound. Stock 08 epi PU's but the bridge nails that black Sabbath tone and rip. Don't need no stink'n toni iommi PU's, this one nails it. But not very bright if that's something you're looking for. Neck PU, I can't seem to find much use for it. But I'm ok with just the bridge PU.


Well, that's my report... I was very surprised of the difference in sound between the 2. Their so different, I need to keep both.... [thumbup]

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