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Sj 200 cherry special demo


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Someone here wrote - several years back - that if, when he got old and could only sit on his back porch and play guitar, and could only have one - it would be an SJ200.

I think clips like this prove the wisdom of his words. I think they've got the most 'balance' of all the guitars I've ever heard. Not too brash, not too sweet. not too twangy, not too loud, not too cutting.

Just perfectly balanced tone.

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I've had one since May! Oddly enough, I was just playing it mere minutes ago, and playing something very similar to what he was playing with the D, B and A2 chords (or something along those lines).


I love mine. Don't tell my Hummingbird, but I think it's my favorite. I think all my Gibsons are my favorite, though... and my Martin and my Guild...


Anyway, he didn't even talk about why this one is "Special." It was my understanding there were only about 40 or 50 made in 2016, and I think there was a run of them in 2014 as well, so might only be 100 in the world. It says "Custom Shop," though I realize now that does not mean it's made in a separate place. I guess it just means "custom" without the "shop" part--because it is in Heritage Cherry Sunburst finish. I agonized for about a year trying to decide if I wanted the walnut SJ-100, sunburst SJ-200--I even thought about one of the "sea green" SJ-200s. But when I saw Heritage Cherry Sunburst, it had to be that one. It's a great pair with the Vintage Cherry Sunburst that my Hummingbird has (and, in fact, the standard Hummingbird has the Heritage Cherry Sunburst). The other unusual aspect is the replica Grover Imperial tuners.


But yeah, I love mine. Mine needs new strings soon and some love.

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