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Both were 2017 LP Classic. One was Cherry Sunburst and other was Gold. I was able to demo. He said check back next week to see what other models/finish are on the way.

And.. Was it a T or HP.. Did it have auto tuners? Titanium adjustable nut? Or were they more old school?


(good to hear they are bringing the Classic back this year [thumbup] )

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So it's sort of like a 59/60 reissue... but this time in a tasteful burst. [thumbdn]

Did you really expect anything else? [rolleyes]


To me that is a Classic and how a Classic should be... (even though the locking tuners are new for that model)

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I'm glad the Classic range has made a resurgence.


The '15 Classic had that silly boost switch instead of a good, traditional control layout.

The '16 Classic was a good-looking plaintop, at a good price (at least in GBP), but was a limited model in finishes and production number, when it should have been in the front lines of the range available.


2017; nailed it. That green one msp_drool.gif

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