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From the Studio on Baritone Guitar---Old Photographs


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This is the very first mix of one of my songs. All we did was adjust the sound levels on the two tracks. Haven't cleaned anything up yet. Likely will add a harmonica track to this one next week. I think it's begging for one...lol... Recorded this on my Alvarez ABT60 Baritone. Quite a guitar for 299. Came with a gig bag too. The tone of a baritone is actually very different, even awesome with the right song. Don't think they work for every song, but for the "right" one they are super. Very deep sound. Anyway, I call this one Old Photographs. The lyrics are how I wrote it, but not exactly how I sing it. As always, any advice, critique, suggestions and comments are always welcome.


Old Photographs by Larry Garrett

Lookin' at old photographs, here's one of me and you.

On the back in your handwriting it reads "Feb. 72."

Barely married a year then. Still buildin' our love and trust.

I don't recall much money, Honey, but I recall the lust.


Here's one of your folks, out in their new car.

Seems gettin' to know and love them wasn't very hard.

And here's one of our kids helpin' my folks shovel snow.

All our folks are gone now. Wish that wasn't so.



Each of these old photographs is a moment from the past.

A slice of life to be lived, but never meant to last.

Dreams we shared, tear we shed, renewed in our minds.

Gone but not forgotten. Some things can't be left behind.

Hey, look at this one. Now that was a sweet dog.

She slept on the sofa like it's where she belonged.

Just another moment from the lives we've lived.

And "Hey," look here Honey, here she is with the kids.



Grandparents, aunts and uncles, old dogs and old friends.

Moments that we shared that won't be back again.

Try to make the moment last, but it slips away.

Sad how our tomorrows become our yesterdays.

Instumental solo............


So tonight we sit here with tears in our eyes,

As we look at these people and moments from our lives.

There'll be lots of wet smiles as we look at the past.

And we'll thank God we've still got these old photographs.



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A baritone guitar Larry, how interesting. I think as you say on some songs this guitar works really well. And for your folky, storytelling songs they can create a lovelly harmony. I imagine they would be great for Johnny Cash songs, Ring of Fire comes to mid straight away. I do agree that the song could benefit from some harp for an extra splash of colour and contrast, but I really like how the baritone works with your voice, gives it a driving element and a really nice groove. As aways your storytelling is great to read and enjoy.

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I enjoyed that very much. Your guitar sounds great. Is it more difficult to play than a standard guitar?


You seem to have a way to turn casual, everyday observations into songs. That is a real gift! You must be a good observer of the world around you.



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There is a chord change near the end of the chorusy bit that I really like. Wouldn't be able to tell you what it is from here, but maybe you know what I mean. Hate to call it "yummy," but, well, it is yummy, especially on a baritone, and it sounds so nice with the melody. Reminds me a bit of a Guy Clark tune which I think is one of the highest compliments one can give.

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Thanks for the kind words, everyone. Lars, the baritone is very easy to play. About a 30 inch scale neck, so the heavy strings are extremely easy to play. LIke a high dollar guitar with the best setup. The only thing I have to watch for is that the thicker strings can roll-out from under my fingers if I form the chords in my typically sloppy way...lol....Seriously, it's real nice and easy. JUst be aware that the long scale means there's much less tension on the strings, so they can move a bit if you get sloppy. Also, the typical tuning for a baritone is "standard B" tuning. I tuned mine down another step to "A." Makes it even deeper. Also----you play all of the same chord shapes---but they represent different chords because of a different standard tuning.


Jesse, nice notice on the chord at the end of the chorus....The song is in C. In this chorus I take it into F. At the end of the chorus I pause for a moment on the F chord's bass note (for dramatic effect...lol..) and then drop-back down with a bass run into C for the rest of the song. Glad you noticed it, because what you noticed is what I was trying to do. [thumbup] [thumbup]

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