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Gibson Model Numbers

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Hello All. I recently purchased a Gibson Elvis Presley Dove. The model number on the box reads: ACDOAENH1. Can someone tell me if I have correctly deciphered the model number? Thank you for your help. ~ Rob


AC = Acoustic

DO = Dove

AE = Antique Ebony

NH = Nickel Hardware (although the label states Cobol hardware)

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I know more about the electric model numbers (Gibson USA & Memphis). Hogeye is the guy that really knows the acoustic division numbers. What I know about it I got from Hogeye. I think you're correct, and I think the '1' indicates right handed. Here's some info -


Type -

RS Round Shoulder J-45 type

SS Square Shoulder Hummingbird type

SJ Super Jumbo type

J8 J-180 Jumbo type

LS L-series small body type

AS Acoustic electric

AC Acoustic (no pickup)


Finish -

AT Antique Walnut (Natural finished top, Dark walnut stained back & sides)

AN Antique Natural (light toner added)

VS Vintage Sunburst ( Tobacco Burst) The new marketer has renamed this one the "sunset burst". Sigh....

CH Cherry (Dove red)

VCS Vintage Cherry Sunburst

HCS Heritage Cherry Sunburst (real hummingbird)

AE Antique Ebony (Black)Light toner for gold looking binding

EB Black (No Toner)(ebony)

TB Triburst


Hardware -

NH - Nickel Hardware

CH - Chrome Hardware

GH - Gold Hardware


For example - SSHBHCNH1

SSHB - Square shoulder Hummingbird

HCS - Heritage cherry sunburst

NH - Nickel hardware


<edit: for got to add this tidbit> The numeral at the end of the model number, usually a '1' - according to some used to indicate '1' first quality or '2' a second. In 1985 Gibson stopped labeling seconds, but model numbers still end in 1. I think Gibson reassigned the number for the hand - 1=RH, 2=LH, and in Acoustic division: 3=RH with pick up, and 4=LH with pick up.




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