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Keef is taking control of BBC 4


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Keith Richards is taking over the reigns of BBC Four later this month, curating an entire weekend of programming on the channel.


He'll be picking the listings from dusk (19:00) till dawn (04:00) on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, but it's going to be a "rock 'n' roll mystery ride" as we won't know exactly what's coming in advance.


Instead, the Rolling Stone will guide us through his picks himself, in on-screen segments filmed by director Julien Temple - explaining his choice of movies, documentaries, comedy shows, cartoons, music performances, old ads and more. Here are a few of the gems he's selected...

• Alfred Hitchcock’s The 39 Steps

• The Man Who Would Be King starring Sean Connery and Michael Caine

• Archive treats featuring Johnny Cash, Jimi Hendrix with Keith, and never seen before archive of the Rolling Stones

• A new 75 minute director's cut of Julien Temple's recent BBC Two documentary Keith Richards - The Origin of the Species


Temple said the shows would be "interwoven with a uniquely relaxed, wide-ranging and intimate interview in which Keith shares his legacy, world views, life philosophy and survival strategies with viewers."


He added: "As dawn breaks, those viewers who have experienced the full ride can celebrate the fact that they have been able to make it all the way and out the other side with Keith Richards as the sun comes up on their TV screens.”

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Sounds like a bit of a wheeze.... [thumbup]


Keef has quite a story to tell and is always genial and amusing to listen to...


One of the main reasons I like the Stones is for their sense of humour, propensity for self-parody....


But mainly their outrageous silliness.... [thumbup]





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