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Circuit board blues

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Guest Farnsbarns

What's involved in pulling out the circuit board & making a Gibson into standard point to point wiring. Can I still use the volume & tone pots?


You could just by leaving the board in place but soldering the wires and decent caps to the pot connections. Or by desoldering the pots and soldering wires and caps without the "eyes". Decent pots are cheap though. Get a good set with the right taper and the caps of your choice and Google something like 50s Gibson wiring diagram. All very easy.

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Well, if it ain't broke, don't fix it.


The capacitors will hardly survive dismantling the PCB. The pots' tags are for printed boards, no eyelets, and look the other way. I don't know if bending them all the way up is a good idea. Soldering mounted pots with the tags towards the guitar top will be a hassle.


I rather would leave the PCB stock and buy new pots with eyelets, long shaft, to your desire either 300k linear or 500k audio taper for volume, 500k audio taper for tone. Caps would be .022µ and foil capacitors like Orange Drops or Mallory 150 are fine.


Anyway, in case you stay with the stock pickups you will have to cut off the connectors and can't go back using them. Again, if it ain't broke...


Just my two cents.

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