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Gibson Double stamped L50 - Year?


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Newbie to the Gibson forum's, but a long time fan of Gibson products. I purchased this old L50 a while back and have been curious about what year it was from. If I had to wager a guess it would be around '48-'49 given the tuners and headstock logo, but the "X" in the serial leads to me think early to mid-50s. And yes, it's a factory double stamp, not that that changes it much, but just adds to it's coolenss factor. Should also add that these are the "as-found" pictures. It's since been lightly cleaned, oiled, and restrung.


Any help is GREATLY appreciated!!








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Thanks KSDaddy. That's a lot more precise than what I've been able to garner. Had another fella tell me the same thing, based solely on the "X" of the serial. I don't know the breakdown of years vs. letter reference, but am more inclined to take that for it's year.


Be well!


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Gibson has had numerous "systems" over the years and one version was in the 50s where:












I can't say that all models were stamped this way, but when they are, it is pretty definitive. Gibson could have used letters as a prefix at other times as well, but you need to then look at the attributes of the guitar and use that in conjunction with any serial number system you may suspect. Your L-50 was easy, as it had the post war logo and trapezoid inlays, which makes it no older than the late 40s, but it has 19 frets so that puts it no later than 1955. To then see an X (1954) prefix on the serial number clinched it.

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WOW!! I am so saving this info for my own personal knowledge! Pretty much makes the '54 year a definitive then. Far easier decoding Gibson's versus my other hobby of old MoPar's. They will leave even the most seasoned authority scratching their heads.


Thanks again for all your help KSDaddy! VERY much appreciated!!

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