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A Monday Song from the studio


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Here's one or my songs from the studio. Added a flute to the Hummingbird on this one. Of my own songs, this is certainly one of my favorites. Play it a lot. It kind of personifies the perspective I write from. When we tweek the song I'll likely quiet-down the flute just a little bit and maybe pan it a bit to one side or the other. Anyway, recently decided to perhaps add another one of my favorites to the project. Started with 12 likely songs. Now at 14. We'll see. Nothings carved in stone. Back in the studio on the 26th when my recording guy gets back in town.




Wish I Could Go Back Home by Larry Garrett


(G) Wish I could go back (Am) home, Lord! Wish (D7) I could go back (G) home.

(G) But nothing stays the same. (Am) It's all changed, and (D7) I can't go back (G) home. (Am) (G)

(G) Well, there's a strip mall down by the (Am) old creek, where (D7) grandpa taught me how to catch (G) frogs.

(G) And there's a Quick Trip in the (Am) cornfield where big (D7) brother'd let me tag-a(G) long.

And if you (C ) walk on up to (G) Main St....(D) stop and look back (G) down,

You can (C ) see I70 run (G) right through what (D) used to be our down(G)town.



(G) The Browns lived on the (Am) corner. The Gar(D7)cia's ran The Wagon(G) wheel.

(G) My dad umpired Little League. And (Am) I can't find (D7) the ball(G) field.

There's an (C )ashphalt lot where our (G) highschool was...(D) Lord it almost makes me (G) cry.

They've (C ) filled the damn thing with (G) new cars...(D) no one can afford to (G) buy.



(G) Been hangin'-round all day now, and somethin's become real clear.

The things I came back for….theyre no longer here.

(C ) One thing left for (G) me to do...before I (D7) pack-up my sorrows and (G) leave.

(C )Got to visit the ol town (G) cemetery...If I can (D7) find it out there in the (G) weeds.


Copyright © Larry Garrett 03-18-10

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A nice song beautifully recorded, MP!


Though I suspect you would be the recording studio's dream job, compared with what else would walk through their door! Metal rules and all that...


So how does the recording get from there to here on Soundcloud? Do they send it to you by email after encoding it to Soundcloud or do you get a disc and do the downloading? Just curious how it works these days. I remember doing a band demo that we paid for, and waiting for hours and hours while they mixed it from the master tape to a cassette for each band member to get a 'first generation copy' to eliminate the hiss on tapes copied on those...etc>>>>>>>>> and the tape deck in the car chomped mine! [thumbdn]



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As always, thanks for the comments. In regards to the Hummingbird: I've consistently received nice comments on the guitar's sound. More than any guitar I remember. It's a real breeze to play, easy-on-the-eyes, and in my mind is a great representation for what a Gibson Hummingbird is supposed to be.....In regards to songwriting: I pretty much write like I talk. I rarely use the language of an English major, unless I'm just joking-around with friends. When I'm writing I tend to use "street vanacular." Slang and old cliches.

Blues, after each recording session we've done a fast mix of the tracks and then burned-off a CD of the songs that were worked-on. I just load the CD to my computer and then to Soundcloud. Yeah, I sure don't do any Heavy Metal...lol...and I have been told I'm fairly easy to record with just a vocal and guitar on folk ballads. My biggest issue in adding a banjo or mandolin track is that my 4/4 songs are not always 4/4 all the way through. I'm very undisciplined in how I do my own songs. Much easier for me to do a cover "in time." On this song, Martha Haehl said she'd play a melody in the background and we could keep all or some of it. She's great at following a melody and filling-in at the right times. Fortunate to have her available for the fiddle and flute.

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