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PRS Mccartyish


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2nd build

PRS Mccartyish

hand built (no router, only hand tools)

pickups hand wound


body: Texas Hill Country Cedar

neck: Maple

pickups: neck alnico II 7.94, bridge alnico V 9.4



sound test






















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I use minwax wood stain if you can belive it. the body is minwax "red mahogany" and the neck is "walnut". I sand the body with 320 grit then 600 grit, apoly stain and sand with 320 until desired color


clearcoat is minwax clear lacquer aerosol

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Cool.. and yeah theres no real rules... You can use what ever gets the job done... I also use some standard wood stains sometimes just bought at a DIY shop.. And I also have stains that are specifically for guitars but the reason for those is that you get much more variety of colours to pick from...


Don't know that miniwax product (may not be in the UK) but it seems to do the job well [thumbup]


I usually use Tru Oil for my clear finish... Love that stuff... I have used nitro only once.. Its a real pain and has to be used within certain temperature and humidity ranges which is hard for me cos I don't have a work shop so I rely on the weather if I want to use it and you really have to protect yourself properly when you spray with that.. So oiling is a way better solution for me.. Non toxic (unlike evil nitro) and easy to apply.

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