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Unexpected GAS!


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We had an "expo" of new products at work this past Friday. Of course, I went directly to the electric and acoustic guitars area… and this little vintage-looking number caught my eye. It's a The Loar LH-301T! Not sure why it was in a "new" products expo... it appears to have been available for a couple years now.


I was only able to try her out for a minute or two before they began shutting down the power and closing-up shop.


As soon as it's available at Guitar Center (not on the site yet), I may just grab one and defer my 2017 Gibson plans for a later date.



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Nice, I would not blame you a bit. I have never had the chance to play one but she sure looks good, best of luck hope you work it out. Keep us posted.


It's a very cool axe, and it's a thin body (1.5" deep), so it's more comfortable to play than a typical boxy Jazz guitar. I simply don't have anything like this in my arsenal, and I do believe I need one! [biggrin] At that price, how could I not?


Will let you know how it all goes.

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