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Information on SCSJ model A with Amulet (stereo)


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I got one of these fine (IMO) guitars on ebay a couple years ago. It's my go to guitar ever since I got it. I really love this guitar.

IM trying to find out how many of these ModelA with the stereo Amulet AND an orange label that's signed by SC were made.

Having a hard time finding any numbers. This is just to satisfy my curiosity. Any one know or give me a point in the direction that may scratch this itch?

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A couple older links. They just state limited production for 2013.


I have a couple signature models of other artist and all are limited to the first 100 with labels signed by the artist.


They state all the guitars will have a certificate.








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Dan I agree , the Amulet is fantastic best ever, and man it makes the SJ sound sooooo good....The SCSJ IMO is light as a feather and sings. I love it. In fact I don't play any of my other guitars any more .... [crying] I like the Trance products I bought 2 Mv's and I installed one DIY in my J45 Mystic RW and the bought a pure voice J45 because of the Trance . Just haven't put the other MV in my Fullers vintage yet it's on my list .


Dave thanks for the links , I forgot about the certificate I'l dig it out of the "file" ...


This "one" was listed on eBay couple years ago and I was looking for a SCSJ and just happened to have some cash and I saw it and did the BUY NOW button never looked back I got extreamly lucky I think .....in fact the seller contacted me later suffering from sellers remorse and requested a buy back..NO WAY..... :unsure:

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