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2017 Starts Today for Me...

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It's picture time. Behold, the 2017 Gibson Les Paul Tribute T...


First of all, the money shot for Rabs...




And now on to the rest of them...












It came with a Gibson logo gig bag, truss rod wrench, bridge allen key, nice Gibson logo guitar strap, and of course an owner's manual and various other pieces of paper that I haven't looked at yet, although I did notice what appears to be a quality assurance check off sheet in with all the paperwork, with actual signatures instead of scribbles. I bought a new hard shell case for it as you can see.


I've been over this thing with a fine tooth comb and I can't find anything to complain about. The finish, when viewed in real life, appears to be perfect. I grew up in my Dad's auto body shop, and I can critique a paint job. Dad was merciless when it came to QA. And I hated sanding. The finish on this guitar seems flawless to me. No finish build up on joints, the parts appear to have been finished separately except for possibly the gold top, which I think was sprayed after the guitar was assembled. But that was done right, no overspray or anything.


The tuning machines seem to be aligned perfectly...everything is in order here They did a commendable job on this one.


This model does seem to be slightly weight relieved, but not a lot. It's not far behind my previously owned Vintage Sunburst LP that I had back in the 80s. That thing had enough mass to affect the tides. This is just enough lighter to make me like it better, but it is still a significant chunk of guitar.


Fret ends are all dressed just as nice as you could ask for. I can't find a single thing to highlight as a flaw. It looks like 2017 might be quite a good year for Gibson.


Do bear in mind, if you think that you see something in any of the photos (I thought I did in one, but when I looked at the guitar it was an illusion in the pic) these photos were taken with my wife's cell phone. They are not retouched, but they were reduced in size because the originals were big enough to wallpaper the barn. So they're not perfect. But the guitar seems to be.


One thing that I noticed was the color of the pickguard, rings, etcetera. When I decided to take a chance and order it, they looked stark white in the pictures that I saw. I expected that I'd be changing them to a more antique looking cream color. It's not necessary. In real life they're just the shade of cream that I wanted.


The neck feels great, and fast. The wood on the back is clearly sapele, but I like it, ribbon effect and all. Photos do not do this guitar justice. Nice work, Gibson! If this one is an example of the 2017 lineup, there are a couple other models that I'm going to be needing as well...


That's about all that I can think of for now. I'll be back to report in after I've played it a while. The setup appears to be spot on right out of the box. Time for the track test. Get the pit crew in position...




You got me wanting one just like yours , now I've got to come up with a plan




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Guest Farnsbarns

He posted a picture of his guitar.. that's not gig bag


He also posted some text in which he said it came with a gig bag but he bought a case as well.

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Most awesome! It's a small thing but the insert-style knobs make it look just that little bit cooler, IMO.


Congratulations; may she bring you many happy riffs.

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