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Cougar, Just trying to answer your question, the fish that are biting are the folks that believe all the ballyhoo and marketing being fed to us by all the "builders" of the greatest instruments to hit the world ever. Watch the folks that buy, sell and trade a new guitar every week that becomes a lifetime keeper for the next week. Watch the "buy and sell" forums out there. Companies that offer a "lifetime warranty" to the original owner are overjoyed with their products as they hit the "used" market. The premium paid with the purchase of a new guitar for possible warranty returns sold the next week, slips into their pockets. That is business and perfectly acceptable. I admit, I was taken into this ballyhoo back in the '90's, completely believing this hyperbole. Shame on me, not the marketing genius out there, for falling for this. My shame is having original "vintage" Gibsons and Martins and believing the publications published by these companies that the new ones were superior. Well, I learned "fastly". I have two Gibson flat tops I got in the '90's that have their place in my "stable" that cannot compete tone or volume wise with the "vintage" ones, yet I shant part with them. I believe new Gibsons are superior to other builders with big names. From this day forward, the only guitar I desire, at my advanced age, would be a Gibson Archtop. If'n you're reading this, thanks.

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