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Some time ago I had a dream where Gibson made me a Country Western In Sunburst

And today I came across this:







Man I love the looks and sound.I wonder if someone who speaks Danish can translate?

Plus there is footage from the Montana factory.



A sweet video .


1967 Tim Christensen SJN signature



It is with excessive pride and joy that we can present a completely unique and unique guitar. As the first guitarist in Tim Christensen now a gibson guitarmodel bearing his name. The Guitar is a tribute to the brilliant songwriter and guitar player and is a limited edition, limited to 30 pieces.

Many months of work and research is the basis for this guitar., but it has been all worth it for out of the search has come the most amazing and beautiful guitar you can imagine

Tim Christensen has always played Gibson acoustic and songs like " right next to the right one ", " superior " and " King's garden " on his old Gibson which forms the basis for Tim Christensen Signature Gibson.

Specifications and further information can be found here: http://www.akushop.dk/product.asp?product=5500

Guitar sold exclusively in acoustics and is costing us $ 34999,-

Must say a big thank you to John Fonnesberg and nicolai works for good cooperation!





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Very nice guitar - and it sounds good.

Seems as if the back-braces are quite close the original, but if the top-ditto are what is shown here, they won't be what we know as historical correct.

Then again it could be another model.


I'd like to try this one for sure - and see exactly where it differs from the Sheryl Crow. The thin lacquer factor is interesting. So is the wide-X-bracing ! What about the nut-width. They measure the probably narrow original (1-5/8 or 9/16), but the new is the contemporary 1-3/4. Well that's positive.


Eeeehh JCV, the sunburst version of a Country Western has been called Southern Jumbo for 54 years - in fact more. And it's the other way around.

The Country Western saw light of day in 1956 as a natural variant of the SJ, which was born as a blinged J-45 back in the early 40's, , ,

, , , , thus the square guitar in the video isn't an SJN - which means Southern Jumbo Natural = Country Western.

So if I'm not totally off here, the guys are on deep water.


Regarding language and translation, try to set this thread up in Internet Explorer - I see English sublines there.


All in all an exciting post - thanx for sharing

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If you have the power to wish a Gibson into existence, please center your thoughts on an affordably priced 12-fret sloped dread. Yeah, Gibson has offered the Jackson Browne model recently, but they sure are are pricey....

That's a nice idea! I have a few more nice ideas too if we have a dream channel to Bozeman. :)

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