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Victory MV II questions


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Hey all, I've just purchased an '81 Victory MV II that was completely stripped of all hardware and electronics. It will be delivered tomorrow.


My goal is NOT to put all factory components in it. I am not a collector.


First question is not immensely important, just would like to know. On this particular guitar, the headstock reads "Gibson Victory CM" and of course, the MV II truss rod cover. What does CM mean? I have not seen that on any other Victory. First thought is "carved maple" but I believe Gibson has only used that on that 2015 LP CM, second thought is "custom made" but I HIGHLY doubt that.


Now, for the more important question; I know these came stock with a top adjusting tune-o-matic, will a standard Nashville TOM fit without filling and re-drilling? Is the tailpiece the standard Gibson size? It appears as though the inserts for the studs have been removed so I'm not sure myself.


Apologies if either of these are stupid questions, this is my first Gibson guitar, all my other guitars with TOMs have import sized posts and whatnot


EDIT/UPDATE: Guitar came in today, ironically, it was made on September 22nd 1981, today's September 21st... Funny eh? Also don't find it all that heavy, but that said it doesn't have any hardware on it yet so...

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You just inadvertently helped me out. I have been looking for info on a bridge that came on my 81 Gibson Explorer CMT. When I saw you mention the 'top-adjust bridge' I looked for pictures of the Victory MV II and saw the top-adjust bridge is same bridge I have been looking for more info about, but I didn't know what it was called since it does not have any markings on it or under it. I found a page that confirms it too. Also, here's the link to my question on this forum about that bridge. I will go update that thread too in case it may help others.


Thank you!



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On my 1982 Gibson Explorer II CMT, I did remove and store the top-adjust bridge and original tailpiece and studs for each but left in the original threaded inserts for both. I added a TonePros TP6 Nashville locking bridge and matching TonePros locking tailpiece and both dropped in without modification. I used the new studs that came with the TonePros bridge and tailpiece respectively. The studs threads matched perfectly. I do remember that the bridge did not just drop in but at first wedged ever so slightly and I had to use my fingers to slightly squeeze the studs inward like 2mm or so and then in literally dropped in place on the top thumwheels portion of the studs. Works great and I can restore the original hardware very easily.

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