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You Bird Owners Asleep A The Wheel?


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Another highly nice fried Bird there - though a lot of talk goes on while it sings

I think it carries the slide fine. No sweat.

And the guy is absolutely right about the single-note clarity, which is one of the distinct virtues of the Hummingbirds/square mahogany b/s Gibsons.


But then he makes the classic mistake when it comes to these guitars and their history.

In the review he first joins the choir that disparages and dismiss the adjustable saddle concept as inferior -

for shortly after to praise the legendary Stones-tunes featuring Birds as the sonic measure-stick for the quintessential square Gibson sound.


Oh lords, said it before and will say it again :


Mister Pearlmutter !

Do you know all those tunes were recorded with adjustable ceramic saddles - and Angie probably even with plastic bridge ?

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