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Gibson Les Paul Traditional 2009


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Hello to everyone!

I just make a deal(?) giving my Taylor 410CE 2004 for a Gibson Les Paul Traditional 2009 in order to achive the Les Paul sound.

I was satisfied with the sound I have, but with my little experiences about the Les Paul I am not sure to get an original Les Paul: in fact there is no tags about that guitar, and that is a little strange, due to the age of the guitar and the fact that LP has got 1 only owner.


I hove already checked the serial number: it seems to be good (but this doesn't really mean nothing in itself!); it is 005890423.


So I ask to the forum an help to understand the real situation, PLEASE (I am already in teh position to ask back my original Taylor 410CE...)


I post some photos in order to let you understand a little more...


These are....



















My main issue is about the type of painted in the back of the guitar: it is truly strong and no wood grain/ design is visible.

In internet I have seen something similar, but mostly the Les Paul Desert Burst (in reality of more recent years) were with wood grain visible in the back of the body and in the back of the guitar neck.


Please HELP ME to understand if I have to take the LPT or not (I am falling in love with her, I must stop before it is too late!).


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Hello and welcome to the Forums.


The guitar on the pictures is a genuine Gibson Les Paul Traditional. In fact, it's a beautiful example of it.


It's neck and the back of the body got a solid finish - as it should:


btmp94rvjf4m4kdrrta9.jpg2009 model


sel0qkunif4bgywrkvto.jpg2010 model


Enjoy this beauty!


Best wishes... Bence

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