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New From the Studio---on a Hummingbird.

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Recorded this yesterday in the studio. Not sure what I'll do with it yet. Maybe some blues harp or a fiddle in the background. I'll see. No tweeks to it yet....The title and chorus was inspired by a thread Sal had a couple months ago. Something about using "ashes to ashes" in a song, I think. Tried inserting it into another song, but couldn't get it to work. I wrote this particular song about 15-years ago, (called it "the meaning of life" and never could really identify with it) but rarely sang it, because I didn't like the chorus (just wasn't what I was really trying to say). Anyway, Sal's thread and my song Old Photographs led me to writing a new chorus that really kind of nails-down what I'm trying to say in the song...........This is not an indictment or criticism of anyone's beliefs. It's simply where I find myself at times........Played on my Hummingbird. I love the mellow and warm tone.


Ashes to Ashes by Larry Garrett


The years they come. The years they go.

Where they disappear to, I don't know.

I spent my youth trying to figure it out.

All I got was this worry and doubt.


Seems like forever since Mike passed-on.

One day we're here, the next we're gone.

His mother stood at his grave and she cried.

They said "He's gone to a better place." She asked "Why?"



I've talked to holy men. I've talked to all my friends.

I've asked everywhere I go, but I still don't know.

Is there a reason we're here or is it just?

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.

My wife told me, "You should go to church."

I said "I don't think that it's worth

Sitting there for an hour, maybe more

And end-up more confused than before.


Instrumental bridge.


Now I look back, upon my roads traveled.

I see my life....a ball of string that's come unraveled.

Had so many hopes, so many dreams

That became falling stars and other wishful things.



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I listened in my Sennheiser headphones and that sounds great - beautifully recorded, played and sung! I would wrap it, leave it exactly as it is. Done.


Very sad tune, MP.


Some Eastern philoshy stinks but some is uplifting and encouraging - I particularly like the Tibetan musician view that it takes about 35 to 995 lifetimes to master their instrument and every new life and turn, they get a bit better at it and a small chance not to repeat the mistakes of previous turns 'around the block'.




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Well done, Larry........from a fellow troubadour. This touches upon my reflections:


I've talked to holy men. I've talked to all my friends.

I've asked everywhere I go, but I still don't know.

Is there a reason we're here.......


Indeed. What is all this madness for? Is there a solution for the riddle that is being human, for human action, reaction and inaction? It is purely by chance that any one of us is here, conscious of ourselves and the futility of the world we inhabit. The absurd: our tendency to seek meaning in life confronting our inability to find any. There's a riddle for you.......


With you spending time in the studio of late, perhaps you have an answer to the questions that plague me: what is it for? Of what use is the result? Of what consequence is the result?



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This is real nice Larry.


the words all fit well with the questions we all ask ourselves many times over during our lives.


I don't know if it needs anything either, but don't stop trying things, a flute or maybe a mando in the instrumental.

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Sad song indeed.


Questions we all have .




I really don't think this song should have anything else added . Any other musicians chance to show off their chops would take away from the purpose of the lyric


Liked that one a lot Larry . Full of truth . Long may you reek


Incidentally , I have the same tshirt .

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Thank you for the comments, everyone. I believe everyone who plays their songs in here enjoys the comments and feedback........I do like the song as it is. Sounds okay, especially for one of my songs.


Regarding some of the questions Buc raised here and in his thread---Several reasons why I'm doing this stuff in the studio. I feel like when I'm gone that I want to leave something tangible behind. Sure, my family and hopefully my friends will remember me, but I want there to be something else that links directly to me and who I am. It's very personal and important to me to do this in a way that is acceptable to me. I'll never sound or mesmerize like a Dylan or Cash, but if I can record some songs that I can listen-to and tell myself "Hey, that ain't bad," I'll have achieved what I'm after. I've never had the desire, talent, or ability to be a professional musician, but I do like writing and performing at whatever level I can. I've never had a problem getting-up in front of a bunch of people and making a fool of myself... Also, I'm doing this because I can, want to, and need to. Not expecting incredible results. Just something that I can be satisfied with.

Also, the guy who is recording me is a long time friend of mine. He's a fine musician and songwriter who opened his own studio about 8 years ago. He's really into the studio software and he has some nice equipment. His recording studio is a 3rd floor insulated attic in his old Victorian home. He knows my music. He records me as I am. My style/techique is fifty-plus years of "this and that." Some well-meaning people told me to go to someone who doesn't know me, because they'll push me to try new sounds and arrangements. One guy (and he's had a studio for many years and is well-known around here) told me he'd add some Nashville sounds to my songs...lol....That killed it for me. I'm not some slick Nashville act. I don't want a software instrument playing making me sound all slick and polished. It simply wouldn't be "me." Maybe if I was twenty-five I'd have the ambition to try it, but I'm not interested in it now. Cash said "Everybody wants to be someone, but you've got to be who you've got to me." At this stage, I've got to be me.


Regarding what the song is about------I don't know what I believe in anymore. I look at my country and the world and I ask myself "Where in the hell is God?"...lol...and it's been like this since the dawn of history. .I just don't know what to think. I think I'm far more spiritual than what is considered religious. I do believe we go on from here. Where? I don't have a clue, BUT, I now have very little faith that it has anything to do with any religion and its doctrines. Thanks for all the comments and encouragement.

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