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I remember one trip up to Victoria Island, Canada.

We pulled into Olympia, WA to stay before going into Canada.

Of course Dad had to see the Olympia Brewery.

When we got into the tasting room, they were lining up glasses across the bar for everybody. So I walked up behind my father and a group of other men who looked like they were all having a good time and grabbed myself a cold beer.

I was 14-years old and drinking in a brewery!

My fun was short lived though, I was caught red handed with my third glass of beer, but not by my mother. No she didn't even know. It was the girl who was serving beer at the other end of the bar.

She was quite incredulous, and asked me what I thought I was doing?

I told her I was having a beer with these fellows over here.

She then told me that I had to be 18 years old to drink and that I didn't look anywhere near 18.

The bar girl was mad at my dad too. She said she could loose her job. It wasn't long after that that we were asked to leave by the management.

That was cool. We went back to the hotel and wandered around in the hills picking blue berries that we ate for breakfast with our cereal the next morning.

Fun times.

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We had a 1961 Rambler station wagon that my dad kept repaired and running until 1980...in 1975 he painted it with rustoleum paint' date=' using a paintbrush. I still have nightmares about that car.[/quote']

I think we met your family at a KAO campground somewhere in New Mexico back in mid-70s.

Was it green paint?

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I remember making love in the back seat of my Galaxy 500 to Bad Company when I was in High School. 8-Track tape player too. I was kind of apprehensive at first' date=' but the girl wanted to get it on.

Wow... memories man, memories.[/quote']


Making love!!....making love??? In high school? lol I didn't even know what that meant in high school. next you'll be telling us about your foreplay techniques and how the girls needs always came first.

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