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1938 SJ200 Reissue


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Does anyone have one of these? There doesn't seem to be many around. It looks like they have an Adi/Rosewood combo. I'm curious as to the tone compared to a standard SJ200. They look like they are $5k, pretty steep.


I've had a few SJ200's and haven't found one that really does it for me. They've all seemed not that loud and maybe too balanced.

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I have a 1938 sj200 ("the golden age" reissue from 2012, not the current one...).

Like you wrote, it as an adi top and mystic rosewood B&S, fretboard and bridge are ebony.

Like Buc said SJ200s are not that loud as many believe, this is the case for maple and also for my RW B&Ss.

Of course this is totally subjective but I neue felt that the sj200s are muddy in their voice I find them pretty balanced, but maybe I was just lucky and never stumbled across a muddy one....

Back to the 38 model.

I really like the combo of adi & RW,

this video shows exactly the guitar that I own:



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I have a new Western Classic that is Mystic Rosewood. It is a loud guitar with no muddiness, especially after I installed a new saddle and raised the action on the treble side. Previously, a week before, I had an SJ-200 standard and even though it seemed loud the maple did not have as much projection and clarity.

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I have a 2012 Golden Age 1938 reissue. It has an adirondack top and maple b/s. I got this guitar and still had my Standard J200 (maple). I had them both for about six months while I sold the Standard. Don't get me wrong, I loved my Standard blonde J200 but in comparison, the Golden Age is quite remarkable in its clarity compared to the standard. I can only think it is the scalloped bracing and the Adi top and possibly the all hide glue construction. In contrast the Standard sounded a bit muted.

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