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"Witch Hazel Mine" on the new '35....


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Here's a tune of mine, "Witch Hazel Mine," that I have recently reworked. Switched some verses around and stuck it in a different key.




Here are the lyrics:


© 2016 by David Hanners


In Spring these hills blossomed, smell of sycamore and pine

Hollers stayed cool come heat of summertime

Now, it's all rusted, empty coal cars on old tracks

Streams run red from acid runoff, jobs ain't comin' back


Still, we thank God for the Witch Hazel Mine

And the coal miner's brew

For without them, lord, what would we do?


Seams of coal we cut enrich wealthy men

They bust the unions, throw safety to the wind

Then tell us we're lucky we still have this mine

Rest played out, this town is dyin'





Step into the mine, step closer to death

Say one last prayer with your last clean breath

Daylight fades, good men confess their sins

God himself can't dig you out if the back caves in


Witch Hazel Mine dark as Death itself

You might make it out alive but it will wreck your health

I've heard dyin' miners float through a tunnel to a light

Deeper down this hole just takes you closer to the night



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