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LP Classic Custom Value?


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Never got around to playing this electric, it's in unplayed condition, ebony finish. Include unused Gibson shell case and the original Gibson cardboard shipping box. All mint. It left the factory in February 2012 and has the baked maple fretbroard.


Anyway, wondering what a reasonable offer price would be in the local classifieds (DFW area)?


Thanks for your thoughts...


- Dan



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Such a great guitar! I'd never sell mine. 100% Les Paul Custom at 50% of it's price? I couldn't resist when I saw it in an ad 5 years ago.




You don't see them very often on eBay. When one pops up, it's offered around 1.800 USD.


Oh well, guys let's show them.



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I agree.. Quite a limited run and very sought after features that were offered at an amazing price.... So yeah you don't see many go up for sale cos people keep em..


I don't usually like ebony guitars, but that one you have is absolutely stunning, it almost looks like a sharp tuxedo.. in fact from what I remember all of those Classic Customs were really beautiful... Good luck with it [thumbup]

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Love mine, as well!





However, it too seems more a "case queen," than I'd care to admit. [blush] Of all my Gibson's,

I just seem to play my SG's, or my TV yellow double cut LP Special, the most. Still, I'm not yet

ready, to sell or trade the Gold Top! But, since my best friend, and musical collaborator suddenly,

and unexpectedly passed away [crying] , very recently, I really don't know how much more, or often I'll get to

play with a "band," anymore. Especially, at my age, and location (out in the sticks)! So, I probably

should sell the vast majority of my guitars...keep only the ones I need/play, regularly. But, what I

"should" and what I will do, could be 2 quite different scenarios. [tongue][unsure]


As to "selling price" for the original poster...I certainly wouldn't even entertain less than $1,800 for your guitar!



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Acoustic player! ok I get it. I love to play both so I'm lucky (but maybe poorer).


I also like the baked maple fingerboards. I have this on one of my Gibsons & rate it highly.




Oh, and eldorado2001, I like that finish. It looks like a standard I played last year. I thought it was different and pretty cool!

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Just sold my ebony 2011 for $1700. It was my dream Les Paul with 60s neck and really a joy to play but there's bills to pay. I can always get another somewhere down the line.

My wife is more sad about it than I am. She knows how much I love my guitars and considers them fine art that hang on our walls.


Anywhere between $1700 and $1800 would be a good price.

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