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Studio song with Hummingbird and midi track

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Here's a recent song from the studio. Another song on the Hummingbird. Very first take. And I'm not really "big" on midi files, but I was talked into giving-it-a-shot. Actually, it kind of stretched me out and made me play around on a keyboard in a key I typically have little to do with, aside from singing in it with a capo. Wrote this song in G, but sing it in A, so I had to really "stop and think" of some music theory while using the keyboard. I know that's a good thing, but I'm just not sold on midi files.


Crazy John by Larry Garrett

(G)John Guthrie lived-up on the hill be(Em)yond the end of our block, (C )Out amongst the trees in some old (G)shed. Us (G)kids were afraid of him. Never (Em)really knew why. (C )Probably something (D)somebody (G)said.


(G)He had this big old dog from Hell (Em)and he pushed an old grocery cart. (C )When he came ‘round, us kids would (G)move-on. Growin’(G)up has its mysteries and I (Em)guess he was our’s. (C )So, we just (D)called him Crazy (G)John. (G)Crazy John, Crazy (D) John, Crazy (G)John.


And (D)late at night, Crazy John, (C )him and that dog went walkin’, (G)Pushin’ that grocery cart past our front (D) doors. We’d (C ) hide behind the bushes as we’d (G)follow him down the street, Where he’d (D)rummage through the dumpster...behind the Safeway (G)Store.


Chorus...... (G)Noooo, we ©never got too close to Crazy (G)John, He’d (D)come around and we’d get-up and (G)go. He (C )was our boogeyman. Our thing that (G)went bump in the night. And he was an (D)old man, we never got to (G)know. Musical pause..........C G C G D G


Bridge…… (C )Mrs. Bradley said, “You (G)kids leave John alone. He’s (D)weary and he’s seen better (G)days. In(C )stead of running from him, (G)maybe you all could pray for (G)Crazy John, Crazy (D) John, Crazy (G)John.”


(G)In the Autumn, when the leaves fell (Em)you could see his shed From the (C )woods, where us kids would hide and (G)watch As (G)Crazy John walked round his yard, (Em)talking to that dog. I (C )swear he smiled the (D)times we got (G)caught.


(G)Well, the leaves grew back and fell some (Em)3 or 4 times, Then (C )one day we realized the dog was (G)gone. The (G)grocery cart lay turned-over (Em) out in the yard, And © we hadn't (D)seen Crazy (G)John. (G)Crazy John, Crazy (D) John, Crazy (G)John.


(D)We didn't think much of it, 'till (C )Raymond's mother said, (G)"Did you kids know ol' John Guthrie (D)died?" ©We looked at each, we (G) didn’t say a word, then we (D)Ran-up to the woods and we (G)cried.


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